DP - Category 2 - Theory of knowledge: English

This workshop is designed for participants who are keen to improve the teaching and learning experience in the TOK classroom. The workshop will focus on:
· assessing the links between IB programme standards and practices (February 2020) to enhance the teaching and learning experience
· exploring strategies to improve student access to the DP; for example, differentiating the curriculum and offering multilingual classrooms
· structuring a TOK course that integrates authentic assessment and encourages students to make links across the DP that will enhance their understanding
· addressing aspects of assessment in TOK to ensure that teaching and learning activities promote student achievement
· integrating TOK across all subjects in the DP to help students make cross- disciplinary links
· examining the dynamic nature that exists between Creativity, activity, service (CAS) and TOK when emphasizing the importance of reflection and developing self-awareness
· implementing DP policies and procedures

Recommended audience : Teachers