DP - Category 2 - Theory of knowledge: English

This workshop is designed for experienced Theory of Knowledge (TOK) teachers who are keen to improve the teaching and learning experience in the TOK classroom.
The sessions will encourage teachers to reflect on their current practice and identify ways to take their thinking on specific topics forwards.
The workshop will focus on:
  • deepening teachers’ understanding of the nature of TOK and how it links to the IB programme standards and practices, the learner profile and international mindedness
  • increasing teachers’ understanding of the central concepts of the TOK course
  • unpacking the details of TOK assessment and teachers’ role in this process
  • implementing the course with a consideration of the teacher’s current course outline through different models and shared experiences and the possible interactions with the approaches to teaching and learning
Recommended for: Experienced Diploma Programme (DP) Theory of Knowledge (TOK) teachers who have prepared students for at least one assessment session and are keen to further improve the TOK teaching and learning experience.

Recommended audience : Teachers