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November 2023


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MYP Category 2 – Language acquisition: English


Category 2 workshops encourage you to:


  • explore and align your practices with the IB standards and practices
  • refine and continue to develop a collaborative and collegial approach to the structures and principles of your subject group aims and objectives
  • deepen your understanding and capabilities for delivering your content through concepts, context, and approaches to learning skills
  • evaluate, strengthen, and design new tasks that will support the implementation of your subject group expectations
  • reflect upon the relevance, innovation, and rigour of the student-centered environments that you have created
  • discover and create opportunities to make your content more accessible to a broader range of students.




Recommended audience: Teachers



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Groupe Scolaire Oasis Zahraa El Maadi, Quarter 3 and 7 - Part A and B - Cairo – Egypt