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November 2023


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IB Ed Category 3 – Agency, action, engagement: English


How might school communities design and structure learning experiences and environments to support the development and demonstration of student agency through action and engagement beyond the classroom?


 In this workshop participants will:


  • Learn how agency is used to help learners understand their potential and impact on their communities.
  • Learn to have deeper conversations with students about how to engage with local and global communities.
  • Explore the concepts of agency, action and engagement and their manifestations across the programmes (e.g. service, service learning).
  • Evaluate approaches to learning and approaches to teaching that aim to support understanding of and engagement with complex issues in a way that honors personal and community needs and aspirations.
  • Identify opportunities for institutional growth, enhanced curriculum design and deeper and responsive community engagement.



Recommended audience: Teachers, head of School, coordinators

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Groupe Scolaire Oasis Zahraa El Maadi, Quarter 3 and 7 - Part A and B - Cairo – Egypt