IB Education Category 3 - Principles of equitable and inclusive education: English (PYP/MYP/DP/CP)

How can a school meet the IB principles of equity and inclusivity in the delivery of an IB Education?
Inclusive education has grown from a movement that was about inclusion of students with disabilities to a wholistic approach that is about all learners. It is concerned about belonging, participation and engagement of all students by removal of barriers. This workshop will help:
develop an understanding of the IB’s principles and approaches to equity and inclusive education
develop specific pedagogical knowledge and approaches to deliver an IB education holistically to all students
understand and develop an inquiry into the IB’s policies and guidance on equity and inclusive education in learning, teaching and assessment
gain knowledge to create whole school practices that foster equity and inclusive education
Note: Given that this course about the full range of the IB student population rather than about specific group of students or geographies, it will not address country-specific special educational requirements.

Recommended audience : Teachers; Head of School; Coordinators