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November 2022


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DP Category 3 - Technology in mathematics: English


This workshop will guide mathematics teachers to incorporate the use of technology, both computer software and graphical display calculators (GDC), in a manner that supports the IB mission statement and learner profile. The course will address the processes of mathematical inquiry, modeling and applications. There will be an emphasis on conceptual understanding in mathematics. While the ideas developed in the workshop should permeate through all areas of the mathematics courses, you will focus on graphing, calculus, and statistics and probability, as well as the skills required for the paper 3 examinations at higher level (HL). You will receive straightforward guidance and ideas on how to get the most out of information and communication technology (ICT) in the mathematics classroom. This hands-on workshop will feature demonstrations and plenty of opportunities to practice using some exciting and innovative technology. At each stage, you will reflect on the pedagogy of how, when and why technology can be used to achieve the aims and assessment objectives of the mathematics courses.


You may use the software of your choice, although support will be given in the use of both Desmos and Geogebra. The GDC part of the workshop focuses on the Ti84 plus, Casio FXCG20 and TiNspire (non-CAS) and HP models. Please bring a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop and a GDC.


Recommended audience: Teachers



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